About Me

Hey, I'm Kelly! I'm a stay at home mother to three girls Addison (6), Aubriana (4), and Jamie (3). I'm the wife of a soldier, Chad, who would do anything for his girls. We spend most of our free time at our camper in the summer.

I was born in Eastern Massachusetts, raised in Central Vermont, and have lived in Hawaii, Washington, and New York (way upstate) since Chad joined the Army.

My crafting journey started with crocheting when I was pregnant
with Jamie. Then I picked up knitting. When my dad passed away I started baking like crazy. Bread, pastries, muffins, cupcakes you name it. Then a small group of friends online decided we wanted to all make quilt blocks and send them to each other so we can have a nice quilt to memorialize our friendship (still haven't completed this). Once I started looking into quilting I couldn't stop. I think I have watched every video Jenny Doan and Eleanor Burns have ever posted on YouTube. Its a slight obsession.

I jumped in with both feet and haven't looked back since. I'm having so much fun I wanted to share with the world. Hope you stick around and share tips and tricks with me along the way.

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