Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Orchid Quilt Basting

It's still raining here but I found a small amount of my motivation and started laying out my quilt sandwich to be basted. The picture above is while I was doing the initial smoothing of the top.

I then pin down the center separating into quarters.

After that I spend time in each quadrant smoothing and pinning, smoothing and pinning, smoothing and okay you get what I mean.

Now I'm taking a break before working on the next quadrant. Phew that is a lot of working but definitely worth it in the end. I need to get my butt in gear though because this quilt is taking up the dining room, my sewing area, and the girls' play area. 

My fingers are killing me I can't wait to try out the Kwik Klip tool and curved pins I'm getting from Massdrop. Hopefully that will eliminate some of the fingertip pain. Have you tried out Massdrop yet? If you haven't go check it out with my referral link! ;) 
Actually you're probably better off not signing up it is way too much temptation.

What are you working on today? Is it rainy where you are? What do you do when you are lacking proper motivation to get projects done?

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  1. Oh purple!!! I love purple! It's coming together beautifully. I'm impressed with your diligence in pinning. I'm horrible at it ahahah! I just tend to go but this is looking great!

  2. It did rain out here in dry CA this morning - I am so happy! I am sewing up a secret quilt top which is always so hard for me (not being able to share is difficult!). The basting is looking great - so smooth and taught.

  3. It was raining here this morning.. but how the sun is out and it is beautiful! Love the shades of purple in your quilt. Wow.. that's a lot of pins! Motivation is a tricky thing... sometimes you just have to work on something different to get back in the groove.... or just put it down until the motivation returns.. and it always does.

  4. The last few times I've basted a quilt, I did it on a large table and it worked very well. I tape down 4 toothpicks (or small knitting needles) in the very center of the table and then line up the center of each layer (backing, batting, top) all while using large clips and smooth out as I go. Then it's a matter of pinning from the center out and then removing the clips, sliding the sandwich one way, reclipping, and then pinning some more. I didn't have to bend down and the pinning didn't seem to bother my hands all that much. You'll have to let me know how you like the klip tool.

  5. well done you for getting some basting done! It's my least favourite part of making quilts and a part I always dread. It's not raining here today, funny really considering I live in England. We had scorching hot weather yesterday - about 34 degrees, today is cooler, but it's still most unlike England!

  6. p.s. that's a gorgeous quilt top!


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