Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Carpenter's Star Part One

I meant to start my Carpenter's Star quilt on Monday, but instead I was ripping my husbands dress shirts apart for fabric. I have a plan don't worry I'm not just being destructive for no reason. As a result of the shirt distraction, I am not as far along as I wanted to be but that's alright.

As I said on Sunday, this quilt will finish at 88" square so not quite queen size but my sister will accept it and be happy right Tina? Just kidding if she doesn't like it I will keep it.

If you want to make a quilt this size you will need 3 1/2 yards background fabric and 2 1/4 of each of the main colors.

Cut 4- 11.5-inch strips and subcut into 12 11.5-inch squares.
Cut 6- 12.25-inch strips and subcut into 16 12.25-inch squares.

Main Colors (follow instructions for both)
Cut 6- 12.25-inch strips and subcut into 18 12.25-inch squares.

Eight of each color will be paired together and the other ten of each will be paired with white to make half square triangles two at a time. The half square triangles need to be squared down to 11.5 inches. You will have 16 background/grey hst's, 16 background/yellow hst's, 20 grey/yellow hst's, and 12 background squares.  That is it for piecing and it just needs to be arranged in the right order. 

I finished the two-color hst's and half of the grey ones. I'll be back next Wednesday to update you on my progress. If you have any questions about the layout or anything else comment and I will get back to you by email.

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  1. This pattern has been on my to do list for almost 10 years. LOL. I would love to join in and create this quilt with you, but I already have an overflowing plate of projects going on. Thank you for sharing and I hope that you have a wonderful creative day!

  2. Great start! I can't wait to see the progress you'll have to show next week!

  3. Love the blue and yellow fabrics you are using.

  4. I love this pattern very much. It's one that's very close to my heart. My grandmother's maiden name was Carpenter and when the notion strikes I make a wall hanging of this to raffle at our family reunions. Can't wait to see your finished quilt.


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