Sunday, August 16, 2015

Chatty Update

It has been so busy around my house lately. My sister and nephew came to visit which was a lot of fun and a nice break from our normal life. We got our school shopping done. Well, the clothes part anyway I still need to pick up some supplies. It was a little intense this year having to shop for two kids instead of one. I survived, but the pocketbook is a little bit lighter these days.

The big thing that I worked on this month was a secret quilting project. I tested a pattern for Nightingale Quilts that will be coming out later this month. I shared a few peeks on Instagram, but I can't share the finished project until the pattern comes out.

Have you joined the Meadow Mist Midnight Mystery Quilt Along? If you haven't you definitely should; I'm having so much fun with it. Cheryl has a very active FB group and everyone is sharing their progress. I still need to trim most of my flying geese from this month's clue.

I have discovered the magic that is Mary Ellen's Best Press. (Affliate link) I was at Joann's and picked up a bottle to try since I knew it was pretty popular. When I was ironing my fabric for the Carpenter's Star quilt (more on this in a second) I couldn't believe how easy it was to get the wrinkles out when I used the Best Press. I don't even care that it is a starch and sizing alternative I'll buy it just for the ease of ironing. The Lavender Fields scent is really nice, once I run out I am going to buy one of the big honking jugs of it. Okay, I'm done with the infomercial, but seriously go buy yourself some if you haven't!

Starting Wednesday I will be posting my progress on my sister's Carpenter's Star quilt. I will be sharing my measurements and the process I use to create it so if you are interested in making one I hope I can help you out. The quilt that I am making will finish at 88" square.

How has your summer been? 
Don't forget week four of the Lost Lake QAL will be up in the morning!


  1. Isn't is hard to work on secret projects? I am always so excited to be able to share. :) I look forward to your reveal. And I *always* look forward to the next set of instructions from Cheryl. Your colors for the Midnight Mystery quilt are really fun.

  2. I love your geese, very nice!

  3. Looking forward to following your progress on the Mystery quilt, Kelly. And that Carpenter's Star quilt, too. You sure are a busy quilter!


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