Saturday, June 13, 2015

Kite Quilt Part 2

Since my last update I have completed the quilt top, basted it, and started quilting. If you follow me on Instagram (if you don't you should!) I posted a picture of the top before basting. I'm still working out ideas on how I want this quilted as I'm doing it. As of right now I am working on straight lines within the white sections and I'm thinking about doing straight lines in alternating directions within the kite blocks. If anyone has a really good idea for the kite blocks please share I am always open to suggestions.

The backing is a turquoise solid that is also used in the top. I was able to try out a tip that I learned from one of my awesome blogging mentors Stephanie at Late Night Quilter. When piecing the backing fabric open it, so you have the full width of fabric, then fold it lengthwise right sides together and sew along the selvage with an inch seam allowance. Cut the folded edge and the selvage, press the seam open, and you have a perfect backing. Up until now I was measuring, cutting, then sewing together. This way is so much easier once you give it a try.

How do you guys baste your quilts? I have always used pins but lately I have been wanting to try spray basting. If you spray baste what kind do you use? I love hearing everyones opinion on the subject.

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  1. Turquoie is my favorite Kelly. I can't wait to see the completed quilt. Thanks for passing along Stephanie's tip on backing. I spray baste using 505, making sure the area where I'm working is well ventilated.

  2. I love your bright colors. I'll look forward to seeing your finished top.

    1. Thank you! I am halfway done quilting it so I should be posting about it within the next week.

  3. That is a great tip from Stephanie! I'll have to do that next time. I spray baste.


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