Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New projects coming up

Sometimes I like things easy. 
Picking out everything for a quilt can be daunting at times.
Times like these I turn to quilt kits.
There is a pattern with everything picked out and I can already see how it will look.

I recently splurged and got two quilt kits, batting, and backing from Craftsy.
They came in the mail today and I wanted to share.

This is the New Colors Kite Flight Quilt (that's a mouthful). 
I wanted something bright and cheery for my living room.

Next up is the Orchid Mega Quilt.
This one will be for my mother-in-law. 
My husband is deployed and his mother deserves a pick me up.

I will probably start with the throw first since its a smaller project.
Should I share pictures of them while I work on them?


  1. Love those colors. Yes, please share pictures.

  2. Love it when those Craftsy boxes are delivered!

  3. I bought both of those too!!! Weird huh! Guess I am meant to be a follower of your blog:)

    1. Have you made either of them yet? I would love to see your finished projects!


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